Big Horn Ranch

The Big Horn Ranch is located in McDonald County, Missouri, a county rich in history and folklore. The first settlement in the county was established in 1827 on Big Sugar Creek, one of four primary streams in the area. Mike’s Creek, also a primary stream, flows through Big Horn Ranch. Many settlers came later to the county, locating along the creeks and river bottoms.

The land has always been known for its pure, cold water streams alive with fish, an abundance of wildlife in the forests, and fertile though somewhat rocky soil.

Big Horn Ranch was established in 2001 by the late J. B. Hunt. On this 1,910-acre property he built an 8,000 square-foot lodge and 2,600 square-foot guest house, skeet and trap range, game cleaning facility, dog kennels, and six outback cabins. He had 1,800 acres high-fenced for the enjoyment of his clients, friends and family, stocking the property with exotic and domestic game. Since that time, the ranch has been transformed into a wildlife preserve, focusing primarily on improving the habitat for the white-tailed deer, quail and trout.

Dr. Grant Woods began reshaping the property in 2007, building exceptional food plots with close water sources and protective cover nearby for the whitetail. Controlled burns have encouraged native grasses and forbs to reappear, and food plots of corn and soybeans have provided additional nourishment for the deer and other wildlife. His success is reflected in the development of the area and the exponential increase in wildlife on the property.